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We continue to be soft killed

So what is soft kill you might ask? Well let me tell you. It’s when our governments slowly kill off the world population. Basically it’s population control. Don’t be nieve. It has been going on ever since there was humans on this vast and beautiful planet. Nowadays its more sophisticated and carefully planned out. Over the next few days i will be discussion each and every method our governments have used and continue to use against us. If you think for one minute that your government cares about your well being you had better open your eyes and ears because it’s about to get real ……. fast ! So why would our governments want to control the world’s population? Well you see my fellow friends there is a secret plan that was planned long ago and has slowly been seeping its ugly , evil and slimy ideas into our socities. A lot of you have been brainwashed since birth and continue to be brainwshed. Us truth seekers need to wake you up before it is too late. So what is the governments ultimate goal for us besides to kill us? One world government. You know like how hitler wanted . It’s like the old saying ” survival of the fittest” . This one world government wich is slowly happening before our eyes by the way, not only wants one government but also only a certain amount of human beings to share the planet with. So not to scare you but be prepared for depopulation only this time it will be accellerated . My next posts will explain in detail the NWO ( New World Order) which is the one world government i have been talking about as well as every depopulation tactic they have used on us and those to come. Please feel free to comment and also add info you may come across in your own researches for the truth ! Remember …… always question everything !  


Hello world!

Let the truth be told and the shadows be lit . No more deception and no more lies. I am a truth seeker and i am here to educate you all on what is , has and will continue to happen around the world. Our governments don’t care about us! We are simply disposable pawns in their power games. Games that have been happening before our eyes and in the shadows. Those of you who are still brainwashed by disinformation and lies i hope us truth seekers can open your mind and your eyes before it is too late . Our best defense is our offense. KNOWLEDGE is POWER !!!! Don’t be a zombie , WAKE UP !!!!